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It does not work and will only lead to inconsistencies in your world view. The specific principle of not fucking young boys and sticking to that principle can not be used in a different context for a different idea. It would not make sense to therefore conclude that a person should never go from being a manboob to a PUA, for instance. I think he attracted her because he was high status in the manosphere. Now, he is an outcast whos earned the scorn of the manosphere. I suspect if his relationship fails it will be because of his undeveloped LTR game.

I would not underestimate Marks ability to be alpha in other contexts. It totally depends on the conversion. The idea of immutable principles is not what I am discussing. I am just saying that anyone who makes bold declarations about something repeatedly and then renegs on those declarations should be considered a hypocrite. That is all I am saying. I am not discussing the overall principle of never changing your views.

Indeed, views do change. For better or worse. I am arguing that regardless of the direction of that change, an individual is a hypocrite. It may indeed be as you mentioned, that it is better overall for that person to be a hypocrite and have changed their beliefs than not. But they are still a hypocrite. So he espoused one thing and did another? Being a hypocrite is not a crime that has automatic equivalences to all other bad crimes.

His whole schtick was fucked up, and guys want him to remain constant to his original fucked up ness. Even in a single instance like this, I feel it indicates something about the man in general. I could never trust a man like this or someone who thinks it is a small deal to be hypocritical. But I appreciate your view. It does say a lot about Mark that he was hypocritical.

He never owned his own emotional need for intimacy. He used that audience for attention for his creative urges. He used the needs of others for a community of like-minded-victims-of-fail as a claim to fame and status, to a claim to a readership. Of course his stance was untenable. He could not keep up such a stance unless no one offered intimacy to him. But given the choices of being discovered as lacking in self knowledge and therefore switching strategies by being a hypocrite to a previous stated stance that would never feed your repressed desires for intimacy, and sticking to your guns and avoiding intimacy and being lonely and broke with little hope of ever meeting as good an offer ever again, which would you choose?

No one wants to be hypocritical. And no one wants to be wrong, either. Mark was wrong about not wanting intimacy, therefore he had no choice but to eventually become a hypocrite. Only someone with no confidence at all would say such a thing. And someone with such little confidence has no hope of maintaining an LTR. I feel this all proves the points he originally made about marriage. Clearly, his divorce broke him down so much and turned him into what he is.

Ya, that was really bad game, on his part. I went back and read some of his longer comments and am baffled that anyone respected his opinions in the first place. Yes, I think it is incontestable that Mark had desires that he hid from himself and the public. He stridently claimed to neither want nor need intimacy.

Therefore the life strategy that he admonished others to take had this gaping huge hole in it. I find it funny that you were complaining about your friend screwing you over and expect some sort of moral compass from them but have no problem being flexible when it comes to your own happiness. Again, and again, and again, and again. You are trying to apply a meta principle onto specific situations where they do not hold. People change their minds about things. And not all things that people change their mind about are equivalent or related.

There is no principle of changing your mind about principles. That type of meta idea does not work. You are thinking by association and analogy and your very thinking process itself is flawed. You are unable to see the utitility of a meta principle, and use it properly. You apply these meta-rules incorrectly. There is no principle about never changing principles. In each instance of each belief, truth and utility must be weighed up individually. Not based on if changing your mind about pedophilia is wrong or not. Not by analogy or association. Xsplat maybe you can expand on this instead of just restating it.

Why is it not the same to change your mind about marriage an issue concerning women and pedophelia an issue concerning children? You can answer the question yourself. Come up with 20 random things that a person might change their mind about. Then ask yourself how it being improper to change your mind about one of them affects it being improper to change your mind about another. How you feel about changing your mind about eating sugar is unrelated to how you feel about changing your mind about pedophilia.

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Changing a principle of being against inter-racial dating is unrelated to changing a principle of being against murder. Changing a principle of being against polygamy is unrelated to changing a principle of being against torture. I would not trust a guy who was into pedophilia, full stop.

Regardless of whether he was against it previously or not. If some guy made a big deal about being anti-sugar, but later decided some sugar was actually fine, I would not therefore not trust him. He was public with his opinion, and publicly changed his mind. Are you suggesting that Mark secretly knew that he wanted intimacy? Where we disagree seems to be whether knowledge that future actions would be out of line with ones previously stated views should alter a mans future actions. He lacked self knowledge, is my guess. I doubt he deliberately misled anyone. I agree that his lack of self knowledge says something about the man.

I disagree that this should be any impediment to him changing his mind. He probably frames it to himself as some sort of mating strategy. I may as well take the opportunity for a mild dig at some fellow forum members. Some guys truly believe that there is no possibility of engendering meaningful love and devotion out of a woman. The same guys seem unaware of any need inside of themselves for any real intimacy with women. The issue is nothing other than if Mark is acting in his best interest or not. Not whether or not the original principle was stupid.

Because they did not take into account his very real desire for intimacy. And here is a little free armchair psychological counseling. I think there are people who get really antsy about Mark wanting intimacy, and feel betrayed because they want another True Believer in the Cause of Denying Intimacy as a Human Need. The issue is that his stance was not giving him what he needed in his life.

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It was not giving him intimacy. Or even enough regular sex. Not to mention getting him out of his sisters house and into the house of a woman with a job. His best interest is what matters. Commitment is about the best thing he has to trade for sex right now. He should have just sucked it up and been lonely and not gotten any pussy, save for the occasional 50 year old fat bitty! He should have stuck it out and day gamed! The principle is his best interest. The principle is his happiness, and a mental map that holds as many facts as possible into a coherent world view.

Those are the principles. His fault was not one of intention, it was one of introspection. He underestimated how much he valued and craved intimacy. Leading other men on in the same delusion. Now that his delusion has crashed, people who want to remain in their own delusions are angry at him. August 1, at 9: Yet the cult members turn into feminists, using shaming language to control male behavior.

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Mark was an older guy who both camps identified with. His engagement was like a child finding out their favorite athlete lied about steroids. August 1, at August 2, at Why begrudge him that? Be happy for him and support him. It just seems unreal in its aims. People fall in love and want to be together.

Going into it with your eyes wide open about the essential truths of human nature is far better than just swearing off companionship altogether and rotting im eventual bitterness and lonlieness. August 2, at 3: August 2, at 8: As much as it is not in my nature to habitually heap praise on others, I do so when I believe it is due, and you certainly deserve it here. You are writing as a man, to a rabble of boys. I posted something similar on the topic a few days ago, but lacked the same piercing clarity of argument and thought that you were able to impart.

I still stand by my opinion of why Roosh banned you from my comment on the other post. Arguing is like that. We can think logically and argue fairly, if there is no real threat to our marbles crashing down. We put up taboos to thought, we put up mental road blocks, we can no longer think rationally and cognitive dissonance will forbid us to follow the other persons logic. We will simply be completely unable to even visualize his idea — the brain will refuse to think about it. Just not about certain things. There are antidotes to this natural habit of avoiding cognitive dissonance, but they are habits that must be carefully and painfully cultivated, often at great short term expense.

Basically you have to be open to having a nervous breakdown in the name of truth. You also have to be willing to be excommunicated from group-think support groups. Because a person literally can not think for himself — thinking is a group effort, in that dialogue is needed. So we must be willing to disagree publicly just to be able to think clearly in our own heads. Thinking is not a private matter. And yet we all want to fit in and be accepted and even respected by our group, and we all want to avoid a nervous breakdown.

Most people care very little for truth. So I agree that Roosh banned me to protect his interests. But I doubt he was capable of being conscious about it. I put thought in quotes because he was thinking with emotion and association and analogy, not with logic that seeks out contradictions in internal structures of the mental map. In our triune brain, emotions were evolved before we had reason, so you could say that they are as stupid as a hairy ape.

Or bird or beaver. August 2, at 9: To a fault perhaps. Those who do it describe an epiphany.

To me, this is just every single day of my life. My entire life up until about 6 months ago was spent in a state of perpetual inner turmoil, continually questioning myself. Only recently have I learned some measure of self-acceptance, and begun to embrace traits which I previously tried to eliminate as perceived weaknesses. No idea or thought is so important that you should not be prepared to abandon or reconsider it.

I applaud your efforts to wrest the frame from the prevalent theme in the manosphere. The more I learn, about myself especially, the more I will have to offer. August 3, at I just want to second what YouSoWould wrote here. Getting banned from Roosh V Forum is like saying something that makes a feminist mad: Boy was I wrong! But after getting warned, then suspended, then outright banned for some VERY gentle teasing about why so many people got banned for trifling offenses, I learned what was really going on:. He truly wants to create a universe where HE is the king, where all the rules bow to his sensitivities, where he is in total control.

An internet forum that he controls allows him to do that, in a way that no other aspect of society ever will. At that point, all the high regard I had for his writings vanished, and I realized he was just another hyper-sensitive individual, not all that different from the feminists we mock so much. If I could Roosh V, and every other butt-hurt millennial who grew up playing soccer without keeping score so no felt they lost, it would be this: August 3, at 6: I have read blog and find it refreshing and an original perspective in the manosphere.

In particular, your discussions about self knowledge and trying to integrate your entire being into a purpose are quite innovative. Thank you for contributing to the overall discussion, as I know blogging takes considerable time. August 4, at StaresAtTheWorld made a post about this http: This issue is pointing out a bigger issue. Some people defend certain ideas out of ego protection.

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Roosh for instance has built up his entire persona and lifestyle and message about being denying the importance of intimacy. Now he bans anyone from his RooshVForum who disagrees with the original Minter vision. August 5, at 1: August 7, at 1: You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. NOT pointing out what fails. Just be happy, the best you can. Xsplat, would you trust a business partner with flexible principles? You go for a carpet bombing approach in the hopes that something will get hit. The best strategy is to get a girl's number as soon as possible and arrange a real life meet up. That way you differentiate yourself from the hundred other guys who are messaging her just like you.

If you don't do this rapidly, you're lost forever. Not a big fan of online dating. It just isn't for me. The second best way, for working professionals, is through your friends parties, birthday parties, weddings, mixers, etc. I guess that makes me a 20th century Luddite, but I genuinely feel that most people would have a lot more success through the latter as opposed to the former. I agree with most of what you said here, but MBA is actually not a great place to meet women.

Unlike college, med, or law school , the ratio is heavily skewed in favor of women, and since the students are older, lot of the top notch women are already taken when school starts. Yes, there are always scandalous cases of women breaking up with their significant others to date classmates, but that's the exception, not the norm. I take it you guys have lifted the ban which is great but I feel like you guys needlessly kicked the guy out of your community, which has various social and psychological ramifications for most reasonable people.

Is there a way to slow this cycle down and limit the drama? Whats your age range OP? Your experience on these sites will differ if you're in your later 20s vs. The ability to reach out to women who you haven't matched with is very valuable. What you write doesn't matter too much. It's all about pics and physical attraction. But barring very strong fundamental incompatibility i. Looks and pics get you in the front door; the rest is up to you.

For average guys it's still a really hard slog, and the whole process is degrading in many ways. I've found that what I write does a lot for me which is why my success rate on OKCupid is much higher than that of Tinder or other dating sites. I can just create an empty FB profile with one photo and be able to use these without any limitations right? Regarding your question, that works for Tinder but not with CMB or Hinge since your matches are friends of your facebook friends. CMB requires the user to have at least 50 facebook friends in order to receive matches.

You all are doing it wrong. My brother in law met his soon to be fiance through online dating with a picture of curled under an aluminum space blanket wearing Mikey Mouse gloves and his profile saying that he liked long walks on the beach except when the sand gets stuck between his toes. This was my point above where I said I lost faith in humanity when this idiocy was confirmed. You're more likely to get a response from women if you say something painfully idiotic or do or say something completely immature.

Like I said, my idiot friend whom I love showed me that I could get responses by sending a one liner that my farts don't smell. I mean, wtf is wrong with people where this would work? It's the kind of thing that makes a person not support democracy or republicanism. I agree that responses should be witty and unique to the person, but that's fundamentally different than completely idiotic stuff.

It kind of demonstrates why white trash end up with white trash, high class ends up with high class, etc. I've seen crazy hot girls with redneck white trash who don't have 2 nickles to rub together and I wonder why they would pick those guys. But I realized that people tend to end up with like-minded people, and those hot chicks are just white trash like their boyfriends, which is how they ended up together. The type of idiot who would respond positively to a fart comment is the type of person that I probably wouldn't want to end up with.

I know whenever I talk to someone, what their position is will come up, usually right at the beginning, then after that I try to stay away from work for a while. Online dating is ok and a lot of girls resort to it because they don't got muthafuckin time to deal with sweaty brahs at sticky bars strutting around in their boat shoes like overgrown nautical babies, shouting absurd things at them whilst guffawing loudly.

FYI, I don't really care that you "felt the need to come over and introduce [yourself]" -- wow, really? I am so lucky to have been chosen to be granted this opportunity. You must be really amazing to walk with such confidence and, dare I say, swagger. What is it that you do again? Oh, you're a bartender? Is chivalry, like, dead? Besides, you are wearing a suit in your picture -- you must work at a bank, so you should be able to afford dinner at AT LEAst fucking Cippy's. And why did you stop talking to her after she refused to put out for the fifth time in a row? Omg, did she just swipe past you?

Why are you still on Tinder? You said you were busy -- how could you still be on Tinder if you are busy? Now look what you did. She's going to need three hours of hyperventilative therapy with the gUrls to get over this Okcupid - these poor girls want to meet someone who will love them for their personalities aw. They may or may not be smart, driven, attractive, Jewish, or within healthy BMI range, but you can sure as hell bet that they all love traveling, SARCASM, and nitpicking like the world is going to fucking end.

There are a feeew okay people on both sides, but rest assured that these kids have Tinder, CMB, Hinge, and Happn profiles too. I have nothing against a guy coming over and saying, "hi. So, guys, if you're going to do the whole bar thing, fight the urge to slam back an entire pack for Bud Light before heading out and just go over and say "hey" or "hello" or "nice to meet you. This dude did not introduce himself, say hi, nothing. He just came up to my face and blurted this out. You look like a champagne kind of girl Uh, no. Champagne tastes like spoiled beer, makes my mouth drier than freebasing 60mg of Adderall Xr, and makes my fucking head hurt.

Also, this maneuver was pulled while my date excused himself to go to the bathroom. Let me put a smile on your face - want to come back to mine for pizza and sex? Just kidding bout the pizza HAAAAA - my place is around the corner and the bathroom's all yours if you want some dude who came up to me while I was waiting for the bathroom. My comment was directed towards your sarcasm on other people coming over and introducing themselves.. It is like how you would feel if guys just assumed that all women are exactly like those on real housewives.

The funny thing is that at the end of your latest comment, your suggestion is literally for guys to introduce themselves. Although I agree with most of what snatch writes, I have no doubt that she is an arrogant entitled NYC finance chick who went to a top b-school. I know so many women just like her, and it's so easy to tell.

You've never been a chick who doesn't resemble an Orc at a bar in NYC, have you? Never did I ever say anything negative about a guy coming over to say "hi. That sucks, but no need to get so defensive, FlateGAter. And, yes, girls want you to come up and introduce yourselves, be it virtually or in the aforementioned muggy bar. That is why she is dating online; that is why she is at the bar. Your analytical skills need some brushing up -- did they not teach you that in B school?

They must only cover that at Harvard. Just as arrogant, in fact, as my male equivalents who incessantly complain about mentally challenged models and gold diggers. I don't drink much..

The posts that got me a 1 week ban from RooshVForum

Fine, I'll excuse you on this one since I can see how you didn't catch a whiff of Summer's Eve per my poor storytelling skills. This guy literally swaggered over with a giant smirk on his face and breathed this onto my neck. He was really hot too, but no degree of attractiveness makes this kind of cockiness excusable.

The only guy who should "feel the need to come over" and introduce himself to me is fuckin' Boo the Pomeranian, and that would only be to offer me a job as his forever caretaker. I may be irate as fuck, but I'd never dismiss a nice guy for coming over and saying hi, even if he looked like he had an extra chromosome. The only thing I would think is "aw, poor guy" or "I hope he finds his mousey soulmate one day. Your words, not mine: I don't know you well enough to agree with that statement Snatch brings the truth with her reviews, but she would still be the typical chick who nags and annoys the shit out of most guys.

The majority of chicks go to bars because they are attention whores - this is the reality. They do not go because they make great drinks, have nice ambience, etc. Here are my reviews: I cannot imagine being 20 in a world without Tinder FYI took a girl to get food on Saturday, all she ordered was a two dollar bottle of water And yes but watch out on tinder I once met a girl and found out she wasn't exactly a girl down there guys so be careful. I'm a year-old Chinese girl and I used OkCupid months ago. I got a lot of visits and likes from guys and few of them sent me messages to chat with me.

I don't understand what's going on. If they didn't want to talk to me why they bothered to like my profile I officially award Bumble worst dating app ever made. For those who don't know it's like Tinder except the girl has to start the chat and has 24 hours to do so.

I got 7 mutual matches today and not a single one said hi. And none of them were really out of my league or anything. About to uninstall it, in the trash bin it goes along with other app brethren like PlentyOfFish and HowAboutWe This is the problem with giving bishes any small amount of power. I think Hinge is the best app right now.

It combines the best elements of Tinder and CMB. Very simple profile, no lengthy questionnaire, connects to friends of facebook friends, but unlike CMB you get multiple matches daily rather than just one. In the CMB iphone app if you spend coffee beans ie money you can keep getting matches and passing on them until you find the one you like for that day.

Also, you can use the take feature to spend more beans and get another few matches. Finally, you can get your friends to send you additional bagels for free. You can buy beans or forward profiles to your friends and they can forward it back to you. However, their algorithm is super glitchy, so there were multiple occasions when that didn't work. More importantly though, the caliber of girls on CMB has plummeted. Hinge on the other hand is top notch.

Hinge is basically a classier version of Tinder, not much more. A bit more educated and career oriented, cuts out some of the riff-raff. But the vast majority of people don't use the profile feature other than the basics, and it's still a mass swiping game with girls being pretty selective.

And the whole facebook friend thing is kind of meaningless since third degree connections are still strangers. I've never had any glitches with the CMB iphone app. Which is immensely useful. Any app that forces the woman to make the first move runs counter to what nature intended. Bumble will never succeed. Interestingly enough, it was founded by the former Tinder executive who sued her male colleague for sexual harassment.

It also sucks that Bumble is only compatible with the iPhone and iPad. Right now we have several hundred thousand users. It's between 1 and 5.

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  4. If you want an investment you have to tell us. We think that's a good range, it gives you a good idea- Cuban: Why won't you give us the actual number? We're actually not sharing the exact user number right now- Cuban: How useful are these apps in other cities like Boston, Austin, LA, etc? I've tried OkCupid so far its been the best once. Only had one date an hell a lot of flakes or girls stop responding.

    If you are average look and a minority online dating is going suck for you. Women have a buffet with online dating. How many of you guys are getting luck with online dating and a minority? Most minorities I know do terrible unless they black or hispanic. Bro, just come out and say that Asian guys are short, ugly, and effeminate, and that they are ridiculed by white women and even their own Asian sisters. To me it's still hilarious that guys who can't even get laid in college where the women are, on average, as loose as they come and still think they have the people skills to succeed.

    Even more hilarious is the attitude of "strong, independent women with opinions" in other words, narcissistic self centered bitch who thinks they're more of a catch than sweet, feminine country girls. That alone is why I use it. This is particularly true in urban areas where young professionals are busy working and don't have the time or the patience to go bar hopping every weekend, hoping to meet someone. It's super easy to set up and use, and most sites are free.

    Terrible way of meeting people. Online is the way to go. Online dating is a misnomer The online part is just an alternate way to get a girl's number. Not sure why people have a hard time understanding this. Online dating is a joke. Gotta get your hands dirty.

    Just to clarify my previous comment: However, I can't count the number of times I have bought a drink for a girl only for her to "have a boyfriend. Posters such as "adapt or die" don't understand this as indicated by his profoundly ignorant post above. Online dating is not at all antithetical to or mutually exclusive from meeting someone out in public. Rather, it serves as a complement, but for busy professionals it's a powerful tool that allows us to filter through and cut to the chase more quickly and efficiently.

    Depends largely on your motives. Online dating, I believe, is going to be the way to narrow down candidates with a much higher probability of being long term compatible. If you're still after raunchy encounters, stick to fumbled pick up lines and buying drinks. Online dating is incredible. If you're a decent looking guy and can carry a conversation you'll get tons of girls to meet "for drinks". Once you meet just be a normal human with interests and you'll have another person added to the rotation. I think guys who knock online dating haven't really working it to its fullest potential.

    The quality of the ones online are definitely below the ones you come across in person and they are probably doing online dating for a reason. Once this gap decreases, online dating would be a good alternative. Definitely not true in NYC. Can't speak for other cities. I have my own opinion on this article but would like to hear WSO weigh in.

    For those of you who don't know, The League is a new online dating app that has made waves in the startup world. There is an application process; the members are very well-educated with great jobs. The site has received tons of negative media publicity because it has been branded as an elitist dating app for rich white yuppies. The pictures from the Hamptons party certainly did not do it any favors.

    Bradford's response in this article can be summarized into several key points:. I think the dating app is a solid idea and I don't give two shits about the people whining about elitism. People have a right to choose who they want to date without being forced to take diversity racial, religious, gender, financial, etc. I don't think she's the best ambassador for it, however, as kdot described.

    The only guys who call themselves " alpha males" are douchebags, so I'm sure it applies to women as well. Almost anyone from the real world can tell you that "prestige" is very low on even most prestigious people's list of criteria It just so happens that I have some of those people in my very extended family and they're sure as hell not using a cellphone app to make matches.

    Here is an idea for those complaining, make your own dating app for all of the peasants out there. Oh wait that already exists in countless instances. Follow the shit your fellow monkeys say shitWSOsays. Not complaining, but anyone who calls themselves an alpha deserves to get shit on. I don't have a problem with it. If you want to find some douchebag, and you're a douchebag, why not pair them up? Saves one non-douchebag being paired up a douchebag in life.

    After seeing plenty of hype for this app, I checked it out as a business. I'd noticed they were obviously paying Business Insider for coverage. That said, I might give the app a try, except I'm too old to be eligible. Not too old to dream occasionally about high school cheerleaders though. It's no different from dozens of other dating apps, except for its hook, which is exclusivity and snobbery.

    That marketing vector has to be phony for a business of this kind, otherwise, they wouldn't be able to properly scale. OTOH, the college snobbery pitch is too watered down. As it's called "The League," it should really be restricted to the Ivy League and Stanford, LOL , as some other matchmakers are -- but The League lets in people who went to backup schools!

    What we really need is a dating app to match Ivy League alpha males with beauticians, and Ivy lady buttkickers with muscular construction workers It's easy to fake it by just throwing a party on a rooftop for your friends, and friends of friends, then tell the photographer to concentrate on the prettiest people there. You can do that for the Rotary Club, if you have PR skill.

    I'm not impressed by this style marketing which has been used in many other industries, usually unsuccessfully.

    Bradford will sink like a rock in the next dotcom crunch, which is imminent. I agree with the sentiment of the other users -- You are a "try-hard" by calling yourself alpha. It almost seems like these types of people have a chip on their shoulder cause they got picked on as kids. Who the hell wants an alpha female, especially if she describes herself that way?

    All of the alpha males out there need to check out my new dating app: That's where I do my OCR. It's a very rigorous application process and background check. No gag reflex and no self respect. It's incredible how many grown men and women suck her off in the LinkedIn comments like they're sophomores trying to get the BB recruiter to look at them at the firm-wide info session. My personal work and educational background have translated into "someone who'll only date a Harvard grad" and that's not true.

    I think that, like other alpha females, I am largely indifferent towards someone's educational attainment or where they attended I gravitate towards passionate people-and they're hard to find. XX, A person who was recently called a female Harvey Specter if only I could rock a three-piece suit like him:: LinkedIn articles and comments are a cesspool.

    They're Youtube comments with proper grammar and "bizspeak" buzzwords. This business will not last. This article could very well be the nail in the coffin for men who use the site or were thinking about it. I've used this app. There is so much better talent on a any other app out there or b just being a real person and going to a bar because I actually went on 1 League Date. We grabbed drinks on some rooftop. When she wanted to make a toast, she proclaimed "To the League!

    I thought about throwing myself off that rooftop then and there. I just read that sitting on a crowded train during rush hour and started cracking up at my phone like a moron. Glad Brady is back on WSO to entertain us. Keep it coming MBAGrad". God his posts are annoying. He bashes columbia yet he actually went there. He's bashing this dating website yet I'm sure he uses it. Brady is the kinda guy who asks where are the girls at parties yet is silent because he didn't go to HBS like the rest of us. No, I paid for drinks. She was an FIT girl and actually makes negative money.

    I have tried so hard to block out how awkward this date was but this thread has brought back some serious PTSD. So this girl asked me out to drinks in the first place. Well, after her "To the league! So no, I didn't "smash" and instead went into self-preservation mode. At this point I was terrified that this girl had poked holes in all the condoms, and this woman was not fit to be the mother of my children I haven't been on a League date since.

    Every girl on the dating apps has some sort of baggage. It's just a matter of time before you figure it out. Most are just coming off a recent break-up so you have tons of rebound chicks. There's a reason that you found this 9 on a dating app and all it took you was a swipe right - did you think it was really going to be that easy without any repercussions? I personally don't think Bradford needs to defend herself since after all, it's her business, and she's not hurting anyone.

    However, I read the article several times and found it highly disingenuous and misleading. For one, Bradford argues that the site aims to pair successful highly educated women with men of similar status since according to her, such men are far more likely to "understand" women like her. So if Bradford is really serious about her goal, shouldn't there be a more even match occupation wise? I have nothing against fields such as marketing, but it's pretty obvious that it pays significantly less than finance. It seems like Bradford's "algorithm" is filtering women based more on looks while filtering men on occupation and school.

    I haven't gone out with a FIT girl yet, but I've gone out with a handful of Parsons alumni, and it was pretty clear that they are looking for a finance guy to subsidize their lifestyle brunches with bottomless mimosas, exotic trips, parties at cool venues while they work in jobs that pay crap but that they are "passionate" about.

    Classic Brady right here. Even if some female MD was on there Blonde or not , she probably won't get match at all because she's not "hot" or just doesn't have it there. I gotta hand it to her though, as far as female game goes that is a power move. Controlling the interaction is all about frame. By making this comment she changed the interaction to make it seem like she needs to judge you because she is the prize, even though she went to fashion school and has negative income.

    One effective countermove here would have been to re-frame the conversation by shifting the focus to her resume or lack thereof. Of course this is easier said than done if she's actually a 9. But ultimately it's like social chess. I matched a girl who I ended up finding out was previously engaged to some dude she openly professed her love to, and a short time later the engagement was called off. And I only found this out through some online sleuthing.

    Not touching that with a foot pole. Anyone who has been on the app knows it isn't exclusive at all. They enforce literally 0 of their "stringent requirements". Ok we need to get larry the cable guy to signup for this service and shoot some comedy "dates". Maybe get him on Ivy Connect, too. Dat's a nice highschool! Long trip here from westurn Illinois right? Take deir woodworking class? Columbia College Chicago is awesome- I lived right next door for a long time and have a bunch of friends that went there I just moved into NYC for a new job and its been consuming so much time that I've barely been able to go out.

    I asked a friend to set me up with a friend of hers but that didnt go well. A few of my colleagues and the fact that my brother married his wife after meeting online has kinda prompted me to go in that direction. I'm a little apprehensive. I'm not sure what to expect. I was wondering what you guys have been doing, those with serious time issues, in relation to dating? Has anyone ever tried it? Any level of success? Is the social stigma still attached from when I was in college?

    I think the thing I'm worried about is how some of these women are immediately expecting a long-term commitment because of the 'no-fail' nature of it. Four older people in my office found their wives on dating websites. I was very surprised because they are all very happy, have children, etc. The number of bankers with OKCupid accounts is surprisingly high no commitment expectations there. Do what you gotta do man, although I find I have better luck meeting women randomly in the city or on occasion through mutual friends. I know a guy who met his wife on jdate online dating for jews , I think its more helpful if you have very specific criteria most retarded one I have seen is must have attended an ivy league school and want to filter.

    But I'm finding it hard not only with time, but just randomly going by myself to a bar. I never really did that much anyway but without some buddies with me, its damn near impossible. It's certainly losing that stigma a bit at least in this community, but I'd prefer to stay more traditional and meet someone randomly when I'm out doing whatever. That's not to say you can't have a natural relationship that starts with the introduction being online. But definitely want to get that first meeting in early I'd assume I'm sure there's a handful of Lennay Kekuas out there that would love to bag themselves a VP or something.

    If you have time to date online. Therefore you do not need to go online to date. Do what you feel will be most efficient never participated in it suppose one upside is being able to do it during staffing meetings. Online dating was not viable when I was single. However, if I was single I would still try to meet as women as many women as I could, whether online, in bars, wherever.

    I don't really see the downside, as long as you don't have to put your real name out there for co-workers or clients to have that pop up when they Google your name I assume you don't have to do that??