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The app has everything you need to create your own masterpieces, from advanced selection tools for highlighting parts of the canvas to more than customizable brushes. We're also big fans of the app's interface, which is lightweight, unobtrusive, and intuitive.

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Stump up for a Pro subscription, and you'll get access to additional features, including extra brush options, advanced line smoothing, multi-device support, and more. Whether you pay for Sketchbook or not, it's capable of some very impressive and realistic results.

It's also available on Windows and macOS, so you can load it onto any of your devices. Even in the packed field of iOS drawing apps, Procreate stands out.

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It's fast, powerful, and easy to pick up, with a whopping brush types to pick from and high-resolution canvases that let you get down to the tiniest of details. You can also create custom brushes of your own—with your pick of textures, strengths, and shapes—if you need even more options. Oh, and it also offers an intuitive way to combine layers, a wide choice of filters you can slap over your work, and extra features like blurring. It's no surprise that Apple itself has featured Procreate as one of the best drawing apps for iOS in the past. The one downside is that you can't get a stripped-down free version of the app, and Android doesn't have its own version.

But iOS users willing to put up the cash won't be disappointed. One of the standout drawing apps for Android, Artflow is free for anyone to try out.

How to Install Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet [Full Tutorial] (Part 1/3)

Without paying the one-time unlock fee for the Pro version, however, you'll only be able to access a limited number of tools, layers, and undo steps. We'd say the low price is well worth it, as the upgrade brings a host of different drawing tools and brushes to play around with, plus extra tools like a smudge brush and a gradient fill option. Those are the basics, but where Artflow excels is in the way it simulates the dynamics and flow of real paintbrushes on screen. The app works with high-resolution canvases and pressure-sensitive styluses such as Samsung's S Pen, giving you plenty of flexibility and control over your drawings.

Although you can get extra tools and styles by paying extra, the free version alone is still very strong. This app is one of the easiest to just open up and start drawing with, thanks to the simple way that brushes, layers, and colors are arranged. Tayasui Sketches doesn't have as many sophisticated filters or tools as some of its rivals. Any useful material as a guide will be highly appreciated.

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Some tips for better search results You're looking at others' work, asking questions, and learning techniques. The Intuos falls in line here, to open up a new world. Think of Intuos as an investment in yourself, like an art lesson that lasts forever. Sketching comic book art?

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You'll easily sketch out your ideas, and coloring just got faster and more precise. Breathe in the variety of brushes and nuances of color, based on the pen's pressure-sensitive response. With a Wacom pen tablet, you can turn mere photos into an expressive experience. You won't believe your new level of control.

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Digital is the most forgiving medium. If you make a mistake, change it easily. No need to start over. No more crumpled paper and wasted product.

Click back, fix the problem, and move forward. Wacom is the standard when it comes to creative tablets. If you peeked into thousands of studios around the world, you'd find our pens and tablets everywhere. There's a product that's right for what you do, too. Intuos gives you affordable options. The versatile pen and tablet offer the same finesse as your real-world tools. Work in almost any medium. And do what you enjoy best: An ultra high definition creative pen computer designed for creative professionals.