Matchmaking adventures part 4

Banterful Matchmaking Adventures Part 4

Lastly, searching for a match with your convoy and your convoy doesn't make it in with you. Why is team adventure broken for convoy use but it's just fine solo? Come visit my gallery! Saturday, October 13, Fix these issues and make the other team auto-win if the other team loses 3 of its players. Sunday, October 14, Denizz87 -Yeah most of the "not enough players" message is because people queue up with their friends but one of them not getting the pop up. Thursday, October 25, 7: Can anyone tell me the process of playing a ranked adventure with a player from my convoy?

If I'm the leader I get the invitations and other people doesn't. What am I missing here? Thursday, October 25, Just how it is at this point in time.

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The only time I've successfully gotten into a ranked adventure while in a convoy was with 1 other friend. Any more than that and it has never worked. Also the 1 time me and my friend got in we completed the Team Adventure and he got banned afterwards. If you could go ahead and take out all the things I loved about Horizon, that would be great. Thursday, October 25, 1: Queue up, have it fail 8 times. Thursday, October 25, 9: Saturday, October 27, 4: Initially I loved the thought of ranked online play, however the implementation is terrible.

I am in League 16 and just finished 2nd, 2nd, 3rd. All 3 races I was first on my team, then I deranked because my team lost overall. What's the point of "ranked" if individual placement means nothing? Where's the free for all ranked At very least, make individual placement count for something.

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It's extremely frustrating to be first on the team in every race and derank anyway, especially at League 16 which is pretty low rank to begin with I've had lobbies fail to fill to the point where I just gave up and quit playing online for the night. The whole game mode is just an exercise in frustration. I like the race type overall, but would rather see it be a bit more randomized.

On a final, final note I've played roughly 10 times and have already seen adventure sets repeat more than once.

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Sunday, October 28, This process can take up to 15 minutes. I pick my car. So not only we now have to find a new online adventure, we have to find a new Horizon Life session to even have a chance of getting into an online adventure. If players do managed to try and find an adventure because of so many disconnections, they are banned from playing a ranked match.

I mean come on guys really? This has to be one of the worse games I have played in my life in terms of playing online. What is happening here? Writing this just frustrates me because I feel nothing is being done about it! My theory is that it may take a long time to match players based on rank because of some kind of searching and close matching phase?

If you are in Pinnacle League you will be placed into a room with other members who are also Pinnacle right? This process in FM7 never took 15 minutes to find a session just to play. To play online is an added premium that Xbox gamers pay for, if you have poor infrastructure for a service your trying to provide then it is just an outrage. When that happens I just turn the game off as at that point it turns into Trash Horizon 4 for me.

Wednesday, October 31, 6: Hi all not sure about others but i often work on tunes liveries fast travel to live events swap cars etc while waiting for a match match making right now in fact and have been for 2 hours lol since cant do any events as such often this means not saving whatever i was doing in the mad scramble to get back to free roam to accept often not quick enough. Wednesday, October 31, 2: First of all i wanna say i am not scolding the game i am just saying my opinion. When i want to play ranked i have to wait minute cause i have T-Mobile and the dropping net connection and a lot of other thing so i have to wait.

Then in the game i playing with a lot of idiot , every body is going on the wall or just hitting me don't know the break well that's not the worst problem. My rank is 9.

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I think the ranked season can be bettern then this. I think every body should win in ranked like the winner team got pont and the loser team got 10 and somebody want's to climb up can do. It's not so hard but if you lose 4 time you lose all hope looks like me because this is the thing why i wrote this post.

Thursday, November 1, 6: Will ranked ever be fixed?

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It takes forever to find a game and when ever you do, it just says not enough players. Its very hard to go up the ranks when you can only play 1 match a hour. Thursday, November 1, 8: Yes, i completly agree with this Topic!!! Next Thing is, when you find a ranked Team Adventure, after is finished you are out of this Lobby again - why that???

CS:GO: Matchmaking Adventures — Part 4 — Global Boys!

Missing a flag now means race is over. If the car is getting upside down there is no way since the update to get it back on the Wheel - great, another Point where you have to wait till the race is finish - if that happen, most People are leaving the Lobby, cause they dont wanna wait… Sorry, this is absolutly annoying - FIX IT!!! Thursday, November 1, 9: I don't think anyone bothers with ranked team play to be honest. Tell me something, how many of you really like being ranked based on the drift club is last place? I can get into non ranked team play in less than a minute most times, rarely ever has it taken more than 2 minutes.

I gave up even trying ranked after minute or longer waits. I just don't think people like it. If Iget a good team I pick up points, they are gone the second a wreck em up club comes in or I get stuck on the drift club team. I can beat most of the ai cars on pro skill level, gotta roll in last place in team just to keep my car on the track. Maybe they can create a training ground to complete before you can play online. Beat the AI's on expert mode without wrecking more than one maybe.

At least then more people online would know how to drive.

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  6. Thursday, November 1, 1: Wednesday, November 21, 6: Wednesday, November 21, 8: After all this time of trying to get a "better" rank in multiplayer I decided to voice my opinions for the short comings I see in the system here. Please comment your thoughts on how it could be improved. Sex top hookup apps gay matchmaking matching for friendships Error: Get matched speed dating and new or view this disruptive toothbrush.

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