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By the time she reached her teens, she was drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana and having one-night stands. From such a place, compensated dating seemed almost a no-brainer, she says: If you can exchange for money, even better. She soon grew used to the luxury handbags and the easy cash that was more than she could have earned in a regular job. Yet she still did not see herself as a prostitute — and, significantly, neither did her clients. They tended to think compensated dating girls were more clean. It was more like an affair to them … a fantasy relationship.

But there were clear dangers. Some clients would refuse to use condoms or would try to take photos of her to expose her, she says: I washed my body really hard but whatever I did the scent from the man seemed still to linger. The growing shame soon outweighed the designer bags, but by then Esther had found herself trapped, too afraid to tell the truth to her family and friends yet aware that this isolation was putting her at even more risk. She contracted sexually transmitted diseases on two occasions and had an abortion. Now 35, she has found spirituality, turned her back on the industry and is eager to stop others making the same mistakes as she did.

However, research by T.

Child sex abuse, compensated dating: holiday trends Hong Kong would rather ignore

His findings show that people from various backgrounds drift into the industry. And perhaps even more surprisingly, it is not always about the money — even children from wealthy backgrounds are at risk. As another social worker, Melissa Lee, says: This range of victim profiles and the ever changing role of technology makes it hard for police and frontline workers to estimate the number of people involved in compensated dating.

However, the issue is serious enough that an entire police unit in Kowloon West is dedicated to compensated dating and related issues such as part-time girlfriend services. It has had its hands full. In March, the unit arrested 19 people, aged between 16 and 40, on charges related to compensated dating.

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The offences included rape, controlling people for prostitution, sexual intercourse with a minor and procurement of persons under 16 for making pornography. However, the police face an uphill task in making arrests thanks to the rise of encrypted messaging apps and the legal grey areas surrounding compensated dating. This meant they were able to make only 22 arrests in the first 10 months of , though they believe the true number of cases is far higher. A section on their website warns: While there may be some legal grey areas surrounding compensated dating, on some points the law is crystal clear.

Anyone having sex with an underage girl or boy — defined as under 16 — is committing a criminal offence and if convicted faces a five-year prison sentence.

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If the minor is under 13 it could be life imprisonment. Those people offering the services can be charged too — no matter how tragic their backstory. Melissa Lee, the social worker, recalls one girl who had been raped by her father and forced into prostitution since she was eight years old. When she turned 16 she reported him to police and her circumstances briefly improved as his case made its way through the courts. But the wait was long — three years — and the girl struggled to cope, eventually turning back to the only way she knew how to fend for herself.

She was later arrested on compensated dating offences. Lee says the case is an example of how, even with the best intentions, Hong Kong sometimes fails the victims of this crime. Dating agencies hong kong !

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