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31 January - 07 February 2018

Singles' Day celebrations spread to several other universities in Nanjing during the s. There are several theories explaining the creation of the Singles' Day festival. One origin story is that in , four male students of Nanjing University's Mingcaowuzhu "All single men" dorm discussed how they could break away from the monotony of being single and agreed that November 11 would be a day of events and celebrations in honor of being single. The spread increased with social media use, and the event has become increasingly popular within contemporary Chinese culture and society.

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Singles' Day serves as an occasion for single people to meet and for parties to be organized. The holiday was initially only celebrated by young men, hence the initial name "Bachelors' Day.

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Some universities organize special programs to gather singles together for the celebration. Singles may take on an annoyed or self-deprecating attitude in response to remaining single as a university student, but university initiatives have helped curb that negativity. The event is not an officially recognized public holiday in China, [18] although it has become the largest offline and online shopping day in the world.

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  • As more people join in the celebration of this holiday many companies have taken the opportunity to target younger consumers; including businesses such as restaurants, karaoke parlors, and online shopping malls. On Singles' Day , Alibaba set a world record for most payment transactions during the festival. Its mobile wallet app Alipay processed , payment transactions per second. A total of 1.

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    Singles' Day has since been popularized through the internet and is now observed at several places outside of China as well. Then select the path to the guaranteed race entries and register via a tour operator or charity partner.

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