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Dating & Different Religions

In addition to being clear about your religion and what value you place on it, you should also consider the following advice when entering into an inter-faith relationship. Of course, this is a two-way street and your partner likewise needs to respect and acknowledge your beliefs and views too. Your religion and beliefs might be very important to you. They are part of who you are and, as such, are deserving of respect. However, as much as you wish that your dating partner shared your views, you should never try to convert them to your faith.

If you feel that happening, take a moment to sit down together and discuss it, patiently and compassionately. For those couples that enjoy dating success and form a loving and lasting relationship, the conversation about children will almost certainly come up eventually.

Inter-religion Relationships - Make it Perfect!

Perhaps at the outset of your relationship, in those first flushes of the romance, this was the furthest thing from either of your minds. If, having discussed it, you both decide to have children in an interfaith relationship, you will need to agree very early on how you foresee their upbringing in terms of religion and faith. For example, will they be raised in one religion, or learn about both and then decide for themselves when they are old enough to do so?

An interfaith marriage is like all marriages in so many ways, but is different in this one respect. The key words are "if they each agree.

The Guide to Dating Across Religions | Interfaith Relationships - Beliefnet

It is much easier for couples to agree about religion if the one individual feels a lot less strongly committed to their religion of origin. For the individual who is not committed to a religion there is often a willingness to convert for two reasons: However, if two people each feel strongly committed to and identified with their religion of origin there is a good chance that there will be nothing but grief between them in the future if they attempt to ignore their differences. Strong commitment on the part of each complicates the questions of how to raise the children, what to do on important holy days, who will go to services and how often and, etc.

This type of gap in thinking and believing complicates relationships with extended family members such as in laws, grand parents and parents. There are tragic cases in which deeply religious families refuse to accept a new member from a different faith.

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There are those situations in which each person decides to keep their religion of origin but raise the children in both faiths. In these situations, children and family celebrate all the holy days, learn about each faith and attend all the services.

I have seen many of these types of arrangements succeed quite well. In answer to your question, you and this girl must decide what you each can and cannot live with.

Tips for Dating Someone of a Different Religion

Each of you must understand that no one can be coerced into changing their religious affiliation and practice. Neither one of you must have any illusions about how difficult this process of inter faith marriage can be. However, I can report to you that if you are each clear headed about what you do and do not want then this can succeed. You must begin to talk to this girl and learn where each of you stands on the issue of religion. Lastly, please remember that, besides the issues of faith and religious practice, you each need to learn about each other and discover whether or not the love you feel is something passing and temporary or is real and the basis of a life-long relationship.

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