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I get this question all the time — Is it a Dating Dam as in a blockage that keeps the dating flow from happening? I see this again and again with my dating therapy clients. Until they understand why and can deconstruct it, they keep repeating this pattern! Once you uncover your DatingDamns and why you are drawn to them, it starts to unblock energy and focus and gives you space to get the dating energy flowing in a new direction.

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So, now is a great time to get clear on exactly where you want that energy flowing. What do you really need and want? There might be some things from that old DatingDamn that you truly need and want in your life, but in a healthier dynamic.

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Now, you need to get clear and honest about what you really want. Make a fun collage or vision board. And look for the spots where you might even have competing needs that could be keeping you feeling stuck. This is where having an outside person can be so incredibly helpful. They are human beings who experience and suffer from all of the human foibles and life problems that afflict us all. So what does this mean for you and your question? Well, for one, I want to remind you that his "knowledge base" is intellectual in nature and does not have much to do with him as a human being.

If he is in private practice, he may be a really good practitioner. However, when he is away from work he is just himself.


Think about it from your perspective as a teacher: I do not know what level of teaching you are involved with. Your students view you as a "Goddess. The point is that when you go home you are simply your own self and not the professional role you occupy as a teacher. It is exaclty the same for this man you are dating.

In other words, he is not looking for a professional colleague but a human being, a woman, a person for him to be with, in an honest and open way. What he needs and wants is YOU, just as your are. He does not want someone who is being "phoney" or intellectual. He tells you about his mother and father not "as if" he was abandoned.

This is all the more reason for why he is looking for and wanting YOU and not anything else.

Why Dating Sucks: Advice from a Dating Therapist

I can only urge you, encourage you, try to convince you to be true to who you are. If you want to ask him more questions then ASK. After all, the point of online dating is eventually to meet someone offline — and it costs more time and money to meet someone who lives further away.

Second, appearance does matter.

Why Dating Sucks: Advice from a Dating Therapist

People perceived to be physically attractive get asked out on dates more often and receive more messages on online dating sites. They even have sex more often and, apparently, have more orgasms during sex. But physical attractiveness matters most in the absence of social interaction. Once social interaction takes place, other traits come into their own. It turns out that both women and men value traits such as kindness , warmth, a good sense of humour, and understanding in a potential partner — in other words, we prefer people we perceive as nice.

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Being nice can even make a person seem more physically attractive. But of course, the social context matters as well. Consuming alcohol , for example, really can make everyone else appear more physically attractive. And my own research has shown that love sometimes really is blind. People in romantic relationships, particularly new relationships, are biased in how they perceive their partners.

Third, it seems that we like people who like us. This idea of reciprocity may sound very simple, but it has incredibly important implications for all relationships. Chat-up lines may sound like a bit of fun, but all romantic relationships are built on reciprocal self-disclosure — the mutual exchange of intimate information with a partner.

Deciding when and how to disclose intimate information to a new partner is an important part of every romantic relationship and can be the difference between an honest, healthy relationship or a closed, stunted one. Also, playing hard-to-get almost never works. Giving the impression of dislike is unlikely to spark attraction because it goes against the grain of reciprocity.

Finally, despite what many people think, opposites very rarely attract.