Im dating a boy not a man


That, gentlemen, is a fact. Why, you might ask, would a women want such a dysfunctional dating lifestyle and subsequent relationship? Well, because women are bizarre creatures and the reason I know that is because I am one. These are the kind of men who are already firmly in arsehole territory and we see straight through those pitiful eyes and the fake BS that comes out of your mouth.

Surprise! I'm A Man! (The Jerry Springer Show)

Have a think and work this one out: Or are you the nice guy who throws himself against the door and lets the girl through as well as the group of lurking men behind her and even introduce them to said girl? Oh, my dear, this may feel awkward — but your situation is not all that odd.

From what I have known, that is a regular part of the process. And yes, you got back together with him probably subconsciously because you were afraid of facing the implications of your sexuality. You need to break up with him, as soon as possible.

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You mentioned that you were afraid of ruining your entire relationship, but prolonging this is going to do far more damage. Now, as for your friend, the girl, she may just be the catalyst for your sexual awakening. If you do have feelings for her, you could certainly tell her, but break up with your boyfriend first and get a little time and space from that relationship.

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Be prepared that your feelings may not be reciprocated. However, it sounds like she is someone you can confide in and relate to — someone who can be there for you as you face the reality of your sexuality.

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Lastly, lean on friends and family you can trust as you go through this process. There are so many resources available online, as well.

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Now, end things with the boyfriend gently and with love, and explore who you are and what you want in a partner. Coming Out As You! Life is hard, but it's better when you're not alone.

The Difference Between Dating A Boy And Dating A Man

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