Matchmaking games for parties

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Valentine's Party Games

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Party Games for Kids

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Valentine's Party Game Ideas

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Valentine's Day Matchmaker Party for Singles

Rules for Hide the Heart are simple enough that anyone can play this game. Have one person hide a large stuffed heart somewhere in a room, while everyone else steps into another area of the house. The first person to find the heart gets to hide it for the next round. My Secret Valentine is a great holiday party icebreaker for a group who does not know one another well.

Before the party, write out small index cards with five statements about a particular person.

12 Sweet Valentine's Day Games for Every Age

As guests enter the party, hand them a card. They must then find their "secret" Valentine by chatting with everyone, to find out whose card they have. While this game does not have winners or losers, it does get everyone chatting. Another great party icebreaker is Mend a Broken Heart.

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Before the party begins, cut hearts in half using jagged and zigzagged lines. Do not make any two alike. Give each guest half of a heart upon their arrival. Divide guests into two or more teams. Each team needs to find something in the room that starts with each letter of Valentine's Day. Once the team has found their items, inform them they need to write an original Valentine's Day poem using each of the items they gathered in their poem.

You can have the guests write the poems individually or as a group. Then, read them aloud to everyone for some big group laughs. Use your favorite valentine candy to fill a glass container.