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The city spans a total of La ciudad se extiende por un total de ,3 km2.

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How is dating in Madrid? I 30, female been living in Barcelona for three years I'm European but not Spanish. For several reasons I'm considering to move to Madrid my work would allow me to. One of the reasons, as dumb as it might sounds, is dating. I'm sick and tired of the dating scene in Madrid.

I always seem to come across the same categories of guys, and more or less all of my female single friends here agree:. In BCN not just a thing of guys in their 20ies, but also in their 30ies and apparently early 40ies my Tinder range is btw. Will go on dates with you until you sleep with him, will then ghost you. Barely speaks any English I do speak fluent Spanish but still , has never lived abroad and isn't really interested to try, supports Catalunya's independence and doesn't have anything interesting to say.

All he does is party and trying to get with foreigner girls, often a foreigner himself. Will want to date you, even over several months, do everything a relationship consists including meeting the parents and friends and will still say that he's very single and doesn't want a relationship. Couldn't think of a better name but I mean those guys who could definitely look more attractive if they worked out and wore better clothes. I feel like Barcelona is the capital of tiny 'skinny fat' guys with arms and shoulders thinner than mine, while still having a small beer belly because they don't do any sports.

I know that not just Barcelona has those problems, but friends who live in other cities have confirmed to me that BCN is very extreme in that sense. I've been living here for three years and never had a serious relationship, even though I'm attractive and did put myself out there dating apps plus going out plus hobbies.

Yes, obviously I had guys interested in me, but it was always a one way street. So, to not make this the longest post ever, how is dating in Madrid? Especially in your thirties? I have to admit that I laughed at the concept of "the boring catalan. And on your question I don't know, I'm in my early thirties, I'm not Mr. Madrid and I haven't got many problems dating, so I would say that, at least, the "dating scene" is not specially harsh with us, members of the number 6.

Maybe in Barcelona there's some problems dating, maybe the problem is somewhere else.


It's the same as any other big city. Gotta go where the people you want to meet are. Socialize and make friends, then meet friends of friends. If you surround yourself with people on your list, then you will find more of the people on your list. Moving cities is a decent way to get over a break up.

If that's what you want to do, come try your luck here. If you go on a date, state your intentions. Avoid the places where more than half of your list are pretty much the norm. This woman just completely ridiculed and disrespected a large swath of men in an entire city from a hook up app. I doubt that she is going to change on this one.

No disrespect intended, just an obvious comment. I'm in my twenties and my dating life is pretty much non-existant, so take my comment as you will. I feel tempted to deny that the "types" you listed exist, because they do. But I also feel you tend to be very judgmental of others. You sound pretty jaded; maybe it's justified, but still, it's not a good starting point, specially if you are already in your thirties: Back to the main issue: Yeah, people who go out and party have one night stands and maybe relationships stem from there, but it's not as pronounced as in other countries.

Being in your thirties might help you find people more committed to something serious, but still, you'll have to expand your social circle and look for it. If you really want to, go out there and meet new people. Don't be so centered on your "goal" and enjoy each experience; make your intentions and boundaries clear from the beginning and save you the headache. Wanna hang out with me and have some serious, pro-long-time-pro-commitment sexy time?

Dating in Spain

I wont bore you with stories about the independency of Catalonia. Yeah, I'm totally a woman, not some kind of serial killer who preys on redditors or something like that. Can I mix your drink? I have to warn you that it maybe tastes a bit like sleeping peels. I feel that the ritual of dating evolved as a way to meet partners in cultures where male-female friendships and large open social gatherings are rare, which is not the case for most year-old Spaniards.

And then, it is nothing like "dating", but rather a messy transition, slower or faster, from friendship to whatever it may become. Wants to fuck around but doesn't want to burn his bridges with his real circle of female friends. If he has any, that is. Is so boring nobody that wants to be with him anyway. If he can't meet women in the miriad of pro-independence activist groups there's probably a reason.

Of course he's going to use Tinder.

Sleeping with as many girls as possible ideally foreign is a personal challenge for him. If you're staying for a short time you have no social circle to meet people, so if you want sex Tinder is your best option.

Where to find a date in Spain

Probably a variation of 1 or 2 whose conscience didn't allow him to ghost you in the first place and it got out of hand. Soon to be made into a mediocre Spanish rom-com starring Dani Rovira. In summary, I don't think you'll have any greater success in Madrid than in Barcelona by following the same approach.

If you're looking for meaningful relationships it's probably best to build up your social circle in Barcelona and befriend anyone you find fun or interesting, even if you wouldn't "date" them. Eventually you'll meet people you are attracted to, enjoy their company, and actually share a connection other than having swiped in the same direction on a phone app. Since it's clearly impossible that all men in Barcelona fit only into the 6 catagories you have given it's possbile that you need to look for guys at different places, not cities. That sort of thing.

In my opinion as far as Madrid vs Bcn goes, Madrid seems to be more of a "city of relationships". Some of you might not agree, but I feel like I see a lot of couples out in Madrid and it feels like there are a lot of romantic relationship based activities to do here. I will also say most of my friends I'm 26 btw from here are in long term relationships or seem to mostly have only done ltrs.

Of course there's fuckboys, guys who have never left madrid and things like that here, but I think you might have a better chance at the dating scene here because people take it more seriously. Living in big cities can make dating tough. But as someone else said, the key is to be in the kinds of place where you'd meet the kinds of men you'd want to date. I wouldn't expect to meet my soulmate at Kapital. Joining clubs and being involved in activities where you meet other people is a great way to meet new friends. I struggled with that in my late 20s after I was in the working world and wasn't meeting people in classes.

Don't blame Barcelona if you're meeting the wrong kinds of guys; just put yourself into the right kinds of situations to meet the right kinds of guys.


I have many friends in healthy relationships. You could even look up marriage and kids statistics. Maybe you could stop generalizing and try to see why you only find that type of people? I would love to meet someone organically but I feel like at my age 30 this has become very difficult. I hit the gym 4x a week but haven't met anyone there, I feel like in Spain people aren't in a socializing mood at the gym, they just go there, wear their headphones and work out without looking left and right.

When going out I mostly meet guys that I wouldn't consider because they're just too young early to mid twenties. Indeed, people go to the gym to do their routine and move on. Just keep the fashion thing in mind - indulge in a little shopping on some of the fantastic high streets and shops. Third, and possibly most important, keep a sense of humour. There are tonnes of them out there, but there are several that focus on the expat dating scene in Spain. Browse the photos and self-descriptions now you can see why these are so important until you find someone who piques your interest.

This brings us to the next step, which can be a little tricky. So, as a full member, you can chat with them online or send them an email. This is great news.

Because, again, you need wit, but not quick wit, and this is much easier to type than to have in-person for us shy guys and gals. Stick to their interests, say something coy, and ask for a response. Quote poetry if you want, but avoid being cheesy. Hopefully it goes well and you move onto date 2.

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