Baekhyun and taeyeon dating again 2016

Will you support them once again? Do you think Baekhyun and Taeyeon are dating again? Check this out too! I honestly like BaekYeon and I will probably going to support them.. I'm a big fan of them: I always thought that they never stopped dating. They just let SM anounce that they broke up because they wanted the hate to finally stop. She updated a beautiful selca and her caption was simply a ballon.

What does this have to do with Baekhyun you ask?

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Well, we all know birthdays are celebrated with cakes and ballons and, well, whose had a birthday in the past 24hrs?? Seriously though, there are many Baekhyun haters commemting nasty things in the commemt section. Then there are those fans that think this update has nothing to do with Baekhyun and are simply commenting 'delusional shippers. Then there are also those happy BaekYeon shippers that are crazy happy to see this update and are sharing it everywhere. What do y'all think?

Some Baekyeon shippers and Baekhyun haters think this has something to do with Taeyeon, as well. A 'Lovestagram' is what they are calling it.. Personally, I feel like Taeyeon should know that people were going to get suspiscious, I mean, all the comments on the photo are mentioning Baekhyun, weather they are dating or no, she should actually edit her update and just hashtag childrensday or something if it really isn't about Baekhyun.. Any way what do y'all think? If it turns out they are dating, you heard it here first!

Mar 7, Messages: I'd be happy if they are still together. I would say that she was really strong. I mean atleast they should have showed some respect to the fans and the members? I would appriciate it if you clicked the links below to see why the fans are mad at taeyeon and baekhyun. No wonder Korean stars seldom get married at an early age. Sign a contract to not date?

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Ok thats enough i think! Because he only spend it for Taeyeon! Really if you think that!!! Do ANY of you little twerps honestly think that you would have a chance with either of them??? And if you did think that, please do yourself a favor a go check yourself into a mental hospital. I will NEVER understand why all these stupid little korean brats make such a big deal about two people dating!!! All of you retards are just making them want to leave the country and be famous in a place who appreciates them for what they do United States of America , which is SING!

They are not famous from their dating lives!!! The sooner you come to terms with that, the easier your life will get. This has been a public service announcement. SO wish I could give this more than one like. This has given me a new hobby though.

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No, guilty as charged. But it IS fun. Common sense…you mean that thing that the rabid dogs who are attacking them seen to not posses? Such tiny, petty, little people. Guilty of being a Locksmith as well. But ya know what?

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Whether they were a romantic couple or not, the one main thing has not changed. They still love and support each other and always will. Just not in the way we thought. Thank you for working through this and continuing to support them as a fan. They are talented and beautiful ladies who bring me a lot of happiness through their work. It would be a shame if they just got tired of dealing with all the assholes and quit. It would be devastating. Fortunately for us they seem to be a lot stronger than that.

In the meantime I have a new hobby. These people are entertainers. Just remember WHY you love and that it has nothing to do with realistic personal expectations. Then they really WILL be gone. Even for these rabid dogs that seem to be bent on nothing more than causing her and her BF pain. No one needs anyone in the entertainment field. We just like them. But you are now my entertainment.

Here's Why Some Believe Taeyeon And Baekhyun Never Actually Dated - Koreaboo

Who the fuck do you think you are? They provide a service, they entertain. We pay them for that service. Anything other than that is just part of your delusional, psychotic so-called mind. Get the fuck over yourselves and apologize to these two for being such hateful little shits. Just be happy for both of them or STFU. The heart loves who it will. Just be happy for them and join me in aggressively mocking the so-called fans that seem to get off on torturing them. She shouldnt have to apologise. Its her life and if fans really did support her like true sones then they wouldnt be treating her like this!

Come on sones stop giving the rest of us nice sones who support her an even badder name than we already have. No, she should not have apologized. What has this come to? Taeyeon does not have any room to apologize to hating fans. And all these half-assed sorry fans can be mad because they are stupid. Do they want him to be single all his life?

Have some sense, have some manners, have respect. Taeyeon and Baekhyun will not affect your life in any way. Go ahead, jump off a damn bridge. This shows how ignorant you are because of their decision. Stop having the audacity to rage and being a wanna be when you still need an education! Now they have all the reasons to step on you like a doormat!! If you consider yourself a true fan of exo, you should be happy for Baekhyun and Taeyeon dating. Not wanting them to your own self.

Both Taeyeon and Baekhyun probably fell into depression because no one likes them anymore just because of their relationship. Not aliens or robots. They went through life and probably have gone through a fan boying or fan girling moment in their life. Think if the same thing happend to you.

Taeyeon is really obvious in dating

You were dating the most popular k-pop star and then all of the sudden, people start hating you just because of you love their favorite idol too? Now that is horrible. My main point is everyone deserves to be happy. Even idols work their butts off for this and can still be happy. Wtf, honestly Korean fans need to get a grip on reality. She has as much right to love as a fan does! Hell to the f no she should NOT have to apologize for being a human being.

Fans need to back the f up and realize humans CAN date. And those who support her are the loyal ones. NO there is know reason to be sorry. Taeyeon there is know reason to be sorry, You fell in love, there is know crime against that.

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Fans just need to calm down and stop over reacting. I agree with you. Why must Taeyeon apologise when all she did was fall in love?


I think a true fan should be happy about it rather than hating and posting hateful comments. Just my personal opinion, why did she choose this sissy guy in the 1st place. There are so many good one like big bang, tvxq, super junior and etc. Some kpop fans get so worked up when idols are dating. Kpop idols are human too, everyone wants to have a boyfriend, get married, and live a life.