Sexual questions to ask a guy youre dating

Sexuality is the hidden side to every human. The issue is that almost everyone keeps it a total secret from the public. Usually your significant other is the only one who knows. Trust me from personal experience, never judge a book by its cover! These questions can be super fun to ask and should incite some great conversation! These questions will turn him on and bring a new kind of sexual satisfaction to both of your lives in a really simple way. Feel free to take these questions and alter them to fit your unique sexual relationship.

That is the fun part of sexuality. That we are all turned on by different things. Everyone has their kinks trust me, whether they want to admit it or not! These questions will rile up his sexual drive, and hopefully get you in the mood as well! Our personal fantasies can be an odd thing to talk about so please be respectful to who you are asking.

Just take it easy and put yourself in their shoes. Dirty talk can easily be one of the most entertaining dynamics of any relationship.

100 Dirty Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

You will know exactly what to do to give him maximum pleasure when you are together. Read How to flirt with him over Text. Be very specific when asking him sexual questions. Get every detail you can.

Safer Naughty Questions to Ask:

Drop a little hint from time to time. Make him talk more about his likes not his dislikes. Be very savvy and sassy when asking sexual questions. Do not use a tone that will make him shy or intimidate him. There are no rules so make sure you are comfortable and satisfied with the questions you choose to ask. You do not need to go over the top all the time. Talking to him in a sexual manner will seduce him and successfully turn him on.

You could do this in form of a game and dare him to answer all the questions. Talking dirty to a guy could be done face to face, but I will advise you try doing this via text messages. Texting him sexy questions will increase his anticipation about your next date or intimate meeting.

Remember, there are NO limits to what you can ask, so be as nasty and dirty as you want.

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Language of Desire, Simple words that turn him on. Would you like a nice rub down this weekend? Would you like to get a blowjob in the car? Learn how to give the most pleasurable blowjob.

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Do you want to know what color of panties I have on now? Would you love to watch me touch myself?

10 Perfect Questions to Ask on a First Date

Can you try giving me an orgasm by just touching my nipples? Would you like me to be nasty with you and the movies today?

30 questions to ask a guy you're dating to get to know him better

Would you like to try sex toys? Do you think prettier with or without make up? Do you want to watch 50 Shades of Grey with me? Do you sleep naked? Kinky things to do with your boyfriend. Do you like talking dirty while having sex?

Sexual Questions To Ask A Guy To Turn Him On

How to talk dirty to him. Do you like it when I shave or leave it hairy down there? Do you like to try new things in bed?

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Kinky sex tips To Try. If you had only five minutes with me, what would you do? Couples Relationship Psychologist, Business person. Wife and a Mother of 3 lovely Children.. Read How to flirt with him over Text Be very specific when asking him sexual questions. Language of Desire, Simple words that turn him on 1.

What part of your body turns you on the most? Do you want to get drunk at my place tonight?