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Can you imagine trying to land a date with someone—who's not the baby's dad—while pregnant? It follows the lives of five single moms-to-be out on the dating scene. There's Rachel , a television and film producer, whose boyfriend walked out on her when he found out she was pregnant with twins. Megan , a nail technician in a trendy Newport Beach salon, got pregnant with a man her dad's age, and now feels he's not daddy material, so she's looking for a guy more her age to help raise the baby.

Celebrity stylist, Melissa , has her boyfriend run off with another woman while she's pregnant, and the loser says he won't be around for the birth either Way to man up, dude! Finally, there's swimsuit model Shana , who is stunned when she finds out she's pregnant, but is even more shocked to find out that men are still hitting on her with a baby on board. To me, pregnancy and dating were both hard enough on their own, combining the two seems like mission impossible! Kudos to these brave women who aren't willing to let their bumps get in the way of their pursuit of love. Let's get real for a minute.

Of course men are going be intimidated—and flat our scared! So many single moms I know have a hard time finding men who want to date women with kids as it is, but if they think the mom is just looking for a rebound replacement dad, they're likely to bolt before you can say baby. Don't get me wrong. There are some advantages to dating while preggers: Many women find that they're at their most beautiful and confident when they're expecting. The first step is admitting it and then go about correcting it. He definitely doesn't sound as bad as the other fellas on this list.

There is definitely nothing wrong with liking and being attracted to pregnant women. When a fetish hinders the ability for a normal and healthy relationship then it really is a problem. It takes on the appearance of addiction, more than just a fetish. Perhaps all of these pregnant lady lovers should start a support group. Then they could figure out how to stop hurting these women who they adore so much. Pregnant women really really turn this confessor on, and he refuses to date anyone who does not have a big baby belly. He is by far the nicest sounding person to make the list so far.

He isn't talking about he ditches them which it is implied I suppose , nor how he is attracted to his own pregnant relatives, or how he just likes pregnant women so much he keeps knocking women up, thus having a bunch of baby mamas. No, this is a simple confession, with a simple thought. This man is attracted to pregnant women. Perhaps the other men out there, who love pregnant women, can take a lesson from him.

Pregnant & Dating: A Good Idea?

At least when speaking about these women, they don't have to sound like complete and total scumbags. Pregnant chicks are so needy they hop in bed with you if you say you will stay after the kids born. I'm out before that. It truly amazes me how terrible these men are. They act like a pregnant woman is a thing and not a person. These "men" will one day get their comeuppance for all of their dirty deeds and selfish ways. Why can't they get on tinder and find one night stands with pregnant women?

Why must they get into a relationship and lead someone on, only to bail at the last minute? These men are really making lose faith in them. I may never look at a man whose fetish is pregnant women the same. Their drive is so high toward the end, but I always leave when the baby come. I'm not ready for all that. Just a side thought. Next, this man sounds like all of the other lovers of pregnant women; he only wants them for their body.

He's not ready for a kid or to commit These fellas need to man up. Based on their behavior and treatment of these beautiful pregnant women, they certainly don't deserve anything good to come to them. It says a lot by how a person treats another person. I personally live by the golden rule, "do unto others as you would have them do to you". These men obviously never learned that rule. This poor whisper confessor has ruined his reputation in "the pregnancy world".

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Which I did not know there was. Per his confession, which reads " I've only ever dated pregnant women they turn me on like no other. I'm starting to get a bad rep in the pregnancy world though.

I am sure he means the online pregnancy world of chat rooms and hookups though. He obviously is getting around a lot for his reputation so be ruined. If he wants to keep screwing over pregnant women he may just have to move to a new town and change his name, basically just start his life over. They make me feel better than any women I have ever been with. I could not imagine being with someone who isn't pregnant.

They are so beautiful. He is one of the few on the list who isn't coming off like a total creep in his confession.

Whisper Confessions From Men Who Only Date Pregnant Women

He also sounds like every other one though because he doesn't want to date someone who isn't pregnant. Do these men not grasp the reality of this? They will never be in a serious or long-term relationship if they only date pregnant women. Perhaps their sexual lust is more important to them than marriage and having a family. It seems like it would eventually get lonely, never being with a woman longer than a few months. Pregnancy 50 Years Ago: Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts.

Like, if you went out with a man that said he is expecting a child but is no longer with the Mom-to-be. I imagine it would be way less of an issue. I can think of numerous examples I know of that, but not the reverse. Plus, societal norms would deem a pregnant woman dating as much more problematic 'why is she dating? She should be focused on the baby! However, there's a subset of men of the 'well, she can't get pregnant twice' variety, who would think it was an opportunity.

I can only think of one situation where the woman did care but that was because the guy took months to tell her and lied about it at one point.

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I've seen it happen. Just beware, there may be guys into pregnancy fetishes, so that might be something to look out for. Otherwise as long as you're honest about it and can maintain a healthy balance between raising your child and dating I say go for it. Your situation may not be everyone's cup of tea - it is fairly complicated, but we are adults and anyone you're interested in can make up their own mind. I actually know of two instances where a woman met a new guy while she was pregnant and went on to marry the guy who has raised the child as his own.

Both fathers were out of the picture. Both women were lower income though and there was probably a bit of a white knight syndrome. One marriage went on to have a second child, then divorce. The second also had a second child and they're still together, but he cheats on her regularly from what I hear he wasn't the type to date just one woman until he met her. So yes, I've seen men who want to seriously date a pregnant woman. I haven't seen those turn out well, but I don't think that had anything to do with the pregnancy.

But there is a guy friend who has jumped into white knight mode because of the circumstances of the pregnancy. I don't know if you have had children before but I already have two grown kids and do not want to raise another. But I realized quickly it was a date. Like it was so cartoonish I exploded with laughter and he laughed too. It really depends, that child may very well attach to you when it's born, which in turn will make things difficult if the relationship goes sour. But there is so many different factors that I wouldn't be able to make that decision solely in theory.

You mean attach to the guy? Yeah I know a lesbian couple this happened to. Actually I think lesbians deal with this a lot. Yeah, I mean in all honesty it just really depends. There are already so many things that factor into a relationship that making a general statement is terrible. I went on a date once with a woman who was 9 months pregnant. I knew going into it. Wasn't a problem for me, and the only reason we didn't continue dating was her life became rightfully consumed with taking care of her child. I would imagine many men would be ok with it, though I think you'd have to establish a baseline relationship before you have your baby, if that makes sense?

I only say that because the time commitments of a new-born and starting a new relationship are both fairly demanding, and obviously one trumps the other. Ok lots of assumptions with this one. Even if you don't want to hear people's assumption on this subreddit, people in real life will still assume that about you.

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  • It is just the way it is. Most will not even care of your personal background. Dad is not in the picture because he is a bad person? People will judge you for choosing bad partner to have a child with in the first place.

    Dad is not in the picture because of death? There will still br judgement of 'why are you moving too fast? I do sincerely hope that you will find someone who will not judge you, but if we are being honest, we all know that it is not going to br easy. Read my other replies.

    Not all people hold to conventional views and not all people judge. I just feel like It seems very bizarre to me, but then again, I never want children. This seems very judgmental.

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    If she is financially secure and is preparing for her child's care in a responsible manner then I don't see what the problem is with her dating while pregnant, provided she fully discloses to interested parties of course. Just because she's pregnant doesn't mean she should give up on what she wants for herself. It's not judgmental to know a parent of a newborn is not going to have the emotional or physical energy to invest in a new romantic relationship. And personally, once you have kids, "what you want for yourself," should always take the backseat to what is best for your kid.

    Newborns are more important than dating. As I've stated in a comment above Did the relationship I know of follow a traditional path? It was complicated and hectic and they had to get creative at times, but both parties were fully committed to each other and raising the child.