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Throughout the range of available ways to show interest, email is the most direct and the site does a good job at encouraging emails by showcasing Message Ideas on each profile, which are questions others may want to answer in their initial emails to you.

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The mobile web and desktop version of the online dating platform are ranked 29 in the dating and relationships category and attract an average of 7,, visitors per month. Site visitors spend an average of seven-and-a-half minutes on the site per visit, with the majority of visits originating from the United States and Canada. In the mobile app space, the iOS version holds a 3 out of 5 star rating based on reviews, while the Android version, which has between , and , downloads, boasts a 3.

OurTime features a quick six-step registration process that takes only about a minute to complete. You first select your sexual orientation and the sexual orientation of the matches you would like to see. Next select country, enter zip code, create a username and password, enter birth date, and provide an email address. You are then prompted to upload a profile picture and fill out a short bio, although you can skip both if desired. You may optionally browse through 10 photos and select those you like to send a flirt, or conversation starter, to selected members -- doing so is intended to help inform the site about your preferences to better match you.

Recently, the site added new features to the signup process that allows the platform to gather more information about you to better improve your matches. These signup features consist of open-ended fields, multiple choice questions, and an area to select interests -- such as foodie or movie lover. At the end of the registration, you are prompted to sign up for a paid account, and the platform clearly explains all the enhanced features available only to paid members, such as enhanced search and match options, the ability to see who is interested in you, and various communication features.

The login process for OurTime is simple as can be: This way, you don't have to worry about keeping track of your username -- just make sure to remember your password and you'll be fine. Women don't respond to flirts or likes very often. I've talked to a few of them and they say it's exhausting for them to keeo up with so many men. Seems like very difficult odds for a man.

They collect very little data. I suspect one could do better throwing darts at a wall of pictures. I've used eharmony and Match and found both to be superior. Also, when attempting to stop the receipt of their unsatisfactory recommendations I had to google my question to find the procedure. I find it very, very annoying when sites make it so difficult stop receiving their services. Preying on the most vulnerable. Older people are alone and looking for companionship in their later years and this site takes advantage of them by posting false profiles. Absolute poor customer service.

Can't get a response if you need help. Terrible service and poor listing. I would not recommend this service to anyone. I should have read the reviews first The people sent were hideous and no normal clean, decent person with a brain would respond.

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I called customer service and this idiot John who refused to tell me his last name acted like it was nothing and would not answer my request to cancel. Was on this site for three months and only got phished, lies and even a threat. This is the worst dating site ever. Sending wrong sex matches, people with one picture up and no descriptions, people who put lies about their employment in their profiles, lies about whether they had children, lies about everything! Not only were the matches horrid, but some were actually threatening and quite scary.

I hope this site gets shut down eventually. Come on seniors, get out there and mingle!

ixofulocam.tk Review - Online Dating

Much easier to meet real people in person than to do so on this site. I do know someone this site worked for. My experience was that nobody really wants to answer any simple questions, like "what IS it you like about my profile" [or photo]. I'd rather be alone. The teasers show fairly attractive people. I had no idea that the majority of the users are far short of even being the slightest bit attractive.

And some people are so inept they cant even post a picture correctly. Oh, thats a nice picture of your forehead, I think Ill contact you. And then the people that contact you - for Gods sake, have some self respect; take a shower, wash your hair. Do you really think a decent person is going to respond to you? Our Time deleted all the information in my profile because I made the mistake of saying I did not intend to renew. They could have deleted just that line, but they did not like my profile so they deleted it all.

I responded by asking for my information back or my money because I had not made a copy. They ignored my request continued to bill me for another 3 months. The site feels cheap, like you're in a Casino. Overall, a horrible experience and I feel robbed. I signed up for 1 month and that is all. Kept sending the same people to me. I got out and they kept my profile on the site. A lot of scammers but you can filtered thru all of that junk and they use models for their homepage. Also, never give out your email and phone number until you have emailed thru OurTime website. So many will say it is their last day so they want your email and phone number.

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For us, ladies, I'm not interested in pursuing a man, as Steve Harvey says, the woman is the prize. I bow and agree to this statement. Sign up get multiple flirts,messages.. Within 8 days of subscribing profile is hacked, and you are not able to get into your profile. Give you a new temporary password that never works Ive signed up on or around January I thought this is a legimate dating site for mature folks, but turned out that after a couple of months it turned out to be a hacker network.

The first month, I talked to a few guys and met with two but did seem to have a strong connection, so I decided to continue on my search sometime in mid March I exchanged my information with a couple of guys I call them guys because they dont deserve a title of man.

They asked me to exchange like pictures,phone numbers and email because I thought it was a legitimate connection because they send me pictures of their family with them in it. I assumed they hacked it some where. I wasted my entire month with one dude who gave me a sad story about how how his wife had passed due to cancer and he is a single dad.

We exchanged emails for two weeks and he expressed how he is so in love with me because I have a good heart. He told me he is a government contractor etc However as time passed by, I detected that his image , his career and story did not matched. He then proceeded to email with a plea for money. This site is a scammer paradise. Hopefully, ConsumerAffairs can address the issues quite a few of us have now notified them of. I first signed up for free, very soon I had about 15 messages which I couldn't read until I paid so I did.

These were from webcam models 30 years my junior doing some "catfishing". Later a lot of messages being sent were accidental including 12 I sent without knowing it. All have the phrases "You look like someone I'd like to know" or "You deserve a flirt. Well you get the idea, you click the wrong place and you've sent a message or flirt without your knowledge.

There are good people on OurTime, but the site itself is a joke and ripoff in my opinion. One was about lbs heavier than his pic the next was planning my life before I met him in person. I can only describe this site as looking at a prison line up!!! I have been on our time for more than a year.

But that might be my achilles heel. My problem has been more with the quality of men I have met and dated men with moderate to severe mental health issues. I even had to beg OurTime to take steps to consider removing one after proof. Some of these men could actually be a danger.

OurTime.com Review

What I'm looking for is to spread the word about some of these very challenged men so women don't waste their time and possibly heart on some of these guys. My most recent nut no showed twice and then called me a stalker. We didn't speak until 3 weeks later when all of a sudden he had to meet me. He began his initial introduction on OurTime with he just wanted to meet a woman his age that still wanted to be intimate. Yet twice he wanted to break off talking because he'd never please me due to ED. Next day break up.

Yep you guessed it I invested a lot of time and patience into this man. I think there should be a place to let someone else know his name at least first and where he lives. The guy is a fearful nut. It's just been guy after guy like this. And those who say the same picture floats through continuously are correct. I joined "OurTime" for free, Once I paid for a subscription, nothing worked. Every time I attempted to sign in, it stated something was wrong. I could not sign on. I called customer service immediately, could not get a refund. But I did cancel any further charges, I hope.

I came onto the site with honesty and openness rarely afforded to anyone. I had all good intentions. Except I was the only one with good intentions.

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And, of course, both said they would pay me back. And one of my personal favorites was the one that had the photo of himself, shirtless, with a bit in his mouth admitting that he was "submissive". Further, very few of the "Today's Matches", followed my profile. I have requested a refund. Let's see how that goes.

OurTime Review January 12222

I had been communicating with an individual who held himself out as military close to retirement. There were many red flags in the communications. I finally did some digging and could not confirm the details he was stating and discredited the ones that he did. Fortunately, I have family in the military and they were able to help me with this. The site needs to have a better vetting policy in order to have legitimate individuals interested in meeting. This was my only time and will be my last.

I carefully and specifically put what I am and am not looking for. I have no interest in atheists; I get matched with atheists. I get matched with smokers. The culmination of emotional and sensory overload. I did meet a few people, but it's just not worth wasting money on this. The majority are not in my town, and some are even out of State. Also some same sex people have propositioned me. It's all a flip of the coin whether you find someone. At this time the site does not work. It keeps flipping to a site in the U. I don't like the fact that OurTime will tell someone you found them interesting, when you did not.

I have received quite a few messages from guys thanking me for showing an interest in them, or that I said I liked their photo! Then I see my photo and a note in a bubble saying "I am interested in you", "Let's chat" or something to that effect. So, it seems if you just look at a photo or maybe read a bit of the profile out of curiosity, it will tell the person you are interested in him or her. I feel this is deceiving to the man or woman, as to possibly get their hopes up, when there is no interest at all.

I did not see this in the rules, so I'll just have to try to be as careful as possible and wait it out until my account expires. Warning to people looking for relationships on line. Avoid this website at all costs. You will regret it if you don't. It doesn't even deserve a 1 star rating and you will pay through the nose to cancel your subscription. I met a couple of truthful men online but the rest are pathetic. I just joined yesterday.

I'm hoping I'll be able to stop a renewal next month. I also can't believe how silly I was to not check the reviews first. I have always done that for everything! I try to delete contacts and it's not working. I take full responsibility for my blunder and will pay for the month. Signed up for a month and in that time spoke to 1 lady, didn't go anywhere The response rate is truly appalling as it was with there other site dating direct in the end they gave me the option for ladies to contact me free resulting in a few conversations on dating direct. I cannot recommend this site, if you're a decent bloke trying to find a lady to date there are far better sites that are cheaper and yield a result, this one is crap.