Perks of dating a journalist

This comes from the sheer need to put patience when you need to investigate on something.

7 Reasons You Should Date A Journalist | Her Campus

If they want to get to know you they will get to know you. If they think that you, singing on an open mike is pretty important, you can expect them to be there. They know the essence of time — Being time pressed and always bound for deadlines has given journalists the practice of knowing the value of time. If they are not trying to finish an article and you really need them to do something at an exact time more or less if they think its important they will do it. The Downside of Dating a Journalist They can have weird behaviors — Most journalists need to get into the zone in order for them to their work.

Sometimes getting to that point can require a few quirky steps. They may want to do yoga while listening to rock music, drink coffee infused with vodka, take a shower without really taking a shower just because hearing the water flow out helps them think better.

The Ups and Downs of Dating a Journalist

They may be a bit OC sometimes or all the time. They may want to clean the entire house before they start writing which entails your help. A lot of weird things that other people may not get. All of these helps them to think. Sometimes they want to nitpick stuff because part of being a journalist is being great with details. They can sometimes zone out — If they are trying to beat the deadline or if they have to interview someone really important, chances are they can ignore you; like TOTALLY ignore you.

Their mind is else where trying to put a great piece together. You can invite them to the movies, you can invite them to eat, hell you can invite them for an amazing massage followed by an amazing sex but they will ignore you. Writing is their first love. The best eatery, pub, book, upcoming event, gadget…anything.

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They know how to dress: They actually like to leave an impression. Most of these will be shabby notebooks, pens, stationary items, USBs, and the occasional mugs.

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That could contain anything from a gift voucher or a book, to samples of some cool new product. How awesome is that?! They will appreciate everything you do for them: This point is highly debatable. Pop culture has a history of perpetuating journalists as arrogant, rude, selfish people who expect to get everything they want.

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Just keep in mind that our day involves dealing with rude interviewees, chasing useless PR people, and dealing with unthoughtful editors. All we ask for is someone with a bit of patience, and from there, whatever you do will undeniably go a long way. They are programmed to remember events and interviews, so to do follow-up stories, and they are fast-learners hence amazing at their job , so be careful with what comes out of your mouth around these fellas. And while you're at it, know that they can manipulate the thesaurus a little too well; they will say words that mean one thing on face value and a crazy level of WTF when really read into.

They will correct your grammar and spellings, all the time: A snobby trait that is really difficult to let go of -- journalists are trained writers and English language is part of their DNA. Ensure your punctuations and spellings are under a vigil eye when you text or email them, because they will pick it within seconds, and won't be afraid to correct you. On the flip side, they will be the first ones to notice if your vocabulary is better than theirs, and just quietly, that's a big turn-on!

They are social media addicts: Just like your spreadsheet dramas at midnight, being constantly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest is part of their job. Being a "social media expert" does not equal "liking" Mean Girls memes on Facebook don't ever say that to them, for the sake of your pretty nose. This job is rather tedious and stressful.

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If you don't understand terms like SEO, boost post, organic reach and retweets -- it's best you stay shut, or walk away. They will be picky with the bar or restaurant you choose: Journos are a little bit smug when it comes to where you take them out, especially if you end up with a lifestyle or travel journalist. If you take them for a kebab at that corner shop or Starbucks for a coffee date eeeek!

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You don't have to go all Michelin star on them, but show that you made an effort in researching the venue; a quick search on Time Out is all they ask. They need their me-time: Due to all the small-talk with colleagues and clients at work events, journalists are suckers for moments of isolation.