Dating a special needs person

The way his face lit up when he talked about his creative projects made me feel younger, like we were kids daydreaming about the future.

The Reality Of Falling For Someone With Special Needs | Thought Catalog

He speaks like he has a purpose and no one can keep him from fulfilling it. I notice this same excitement about life in other people who have special needs.

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They possess the energy to tackle anything that comes their way. He has a zest for life and is not ashamed of showing it. When he talks about his future, he is the only person I know who speaks as though the things he wants will surely happen. Perhaps I liked him because I envied that. I know rejection and disappointment too well. I would end up dominating decisions because I always know what I want and he, wanting to please me, would go through with it.

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  2. Dating When You Have a Child with Special Needs.
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So I kept my feelings to myself until it all blew over. Stevyn and I will never have a romance.

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Luckily, Stevyn and I have friendship, and that means just as much. Nothing terrifies me more than being so close to someone and then watching them become a stranger again. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. I learned a lot in those first weeks, and I hope that sharing my experience can be helpful, especially to those Solo Moms out there experiencing a new dating scenario of their own.

..Did I accidently end up dating someone with special needs?

Every child is different. Parents with more than one child can agree that each child is unique and can be quite different from one another. Do your best to stay calm and be patient.

Even with my own child with special needs, that is something I struggle with. If you find yourself in an emergency that has been intensified by emotions, if must be called and other people are with you, ask one person to call while you or another person stays with the child. The child may have behavioral issues, and that can be true for any child. The biggest downside to having a large, blended family is that it is easy for a child to feel lost in the mix of controlled chaos.


Above all, you and your partner must communicate well, especially because children are involved. If something makes you uneasy or bothers you, talk to your partner about it sooner rather than later to avoid any resentment creeping in early in the game. What dating challenges have you faced? Check out our Dating Resource section for fun articles and great tips for Solo Moms who are dating. She has a background in public affairs, writing, and photography.

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Tara spent five years in the Navy and now volunteers with the Civil Air Patrol as a public affairs officer. Please feel free to contact us with any comments or questions. Things to consider when helping your child enter the job market.

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